Magic of Lake Titicaca: Lake Titicaca

10/24/2018 through 12/31/2018
05/01/2016 through 12/31/2018
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Magic of Lake Titicaca

Called the Sacred Lake of the Inca, Lake Titicaca is one of the highest navigable lakes in the world. All throughout the area, local traditionas of the Andean people are infused into every aspect of life, from cultural museums to Indian markets. Located on the scenic shore of Lake Titicaca, this hotel is designed to introduce guests to the cultures of the Andes.


  • Roundtrip Ground Transfers
  • 2 Nights Inca Utama Hotel and Spa with All Meals
  • Copacabana
  • Sun and Moon Islands
  • the Reed Islands
  • and Andean Roots Cultural Center Tour
  • Tiwanacu Ruins and City Tour


Day 1 Lake Titicaca
Day 2 (Lake Titicaca
Day 3 Lake Titicaca


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